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3D Signs Pretoria

In today’s high tech world, nothing catches the eye quite like 3D illuminated built up letters and signs. Exciting, brightly lit signs are a fantastic way to draw attention to your business, and are a great option for almost any area, from shop front to inside a bar. Using illuminated signs is also an effective way to point out areas of interest to your customers, as well as helping to create that unique and exciting atmosphere that keeps people coming back for more. ABC Signs utilizes a variety of styles and techniques to help you create that perfect ambiance, eye catching exterior sign, or important entrance markings for off-street doorways.

We use a variety of materials and methods to build you that perfect sign, including:

  • Formed plastic
  • Cut out aluminum composite, or cut out plastic
  • 3D lettering with fully illuminated faces
  • 3D lettering with back-lighting
  • Flat Perspex lettering
  • 3D Perspex lettering
  • Aluminum composite lettering

In addition, we also employ a number of lighting techniques to ensure the most visually appealing and attention demanding signage, as well as utilizing a number of approaches that work extremely well in conjunction with 3D built up lettering. Some of these techniques include:

  • Back-lighting, which essentially means lighting up the area behind built up lettering, which provides a contrasting effect that makes any lettering stand out as well as being clear and easy to read. Built up lettering designed for back lighting is usually made from a solid material in order to prevent light passing through it, this achieving the back-lighting effect.
  • Face lit uses Perspex lettering in combination with either an aluminum return, or contrasting non illuminating Perspex. A light source is then placed inside the letter which illuminates just the letter and not the return.
  • Full face lit on the other hand, utilizes coloured, built up Perspex lettering which has a light mounted behind. This allows both the face and return to become illuminated.

Any or all of these options, when used in various form of signage around your business premises, can ensure that customers attention is focused where you need it. You can easily spot these various styles when walking down any crowded high street, and this a great way to get ideas for your own business too, which here at ABC Signs, we are more than happy to discuss with you in order to find the best illuminated 3D built up letters for your individual business needs.


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