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Hydro Graphics Pretoria

Based in Gauteng Pretoria East, ABC SIGNS provide Hydro Graphic Printing also known as Water Transfer Printing, Hydro-Dipping or Hydro Printing. We can decorate almost anything from Carbon Fibre to Wood Finish and much more!

Hydro Graphic Printing is not a vinyl wrap or any kind of sticker. It is Immersion printing, a method applying permanent printed designs to three dimensional surfaces and provides complete 360 degree coverage of the parts surface, over corners, in crevasses, extreme curves and intricate draft angles.

Hydro Graphic Printing is Extremely durable, has been used extensively.

Meets the specifications for UV Resistance, Adhesion, for Hardness and Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance in the Surface Coating Industry namely Automotive, Marine and Aviation Sectors.

Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle, etc...

  • Perfect for Interior and Exterior Automotive parts and Motorcycles, mags/rims etc…
  • Commercial, Retail or Residential Decor
  • Work Office
  • Military Equipment
  • Game controllers, Laptops, Mobile Device covers, Cases and Computers
  • Furniture indoor or outdoor
  • Medical Sector
  • Marine Sector
  • Aircrafts sector
  • On all types of surfaces as Metals, wood, glass, ceramics, fibreglass, and all types of plastics
  • Handguns/Rifles/Hunting Equipment etc…

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Hydro Graphics