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Pulpits and Podiums Pretoria

Based in Gauteng, Pretoria East ABC SIGNS PULPITS and PODIUMS design and manufacture directly from our factory – Pulpits - Podiums - Lecterns - Tithe Boxes. Made from Glass / Wood/ Perspex – Tinted or All Clear.

Quality and Best prices.

We create and manufacture the prominent visual piece in environments in Churches of Worship, Upcoming Organisations Events Function and Speech Address Conferences.

Distinguish your Church or Office Boardroom with Elegance Beauty Exquisite Designs @ ABC SIGNS PULPITS and PODIUMS.

Designs created for just about any purpose Business Presentations, Conferences, Lectures, Sermons, Readings and Meetings….

It is important to us that a Pulpit or Lectern be tailored to your specific requirements.

Logo and Name of Church or Organisation included.

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Pulpits and Podiums